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The current situation has increased demand for our products across the board, in some cases by a factor of 10 or more. The post office has also been having increased shipping times on orders limiting the days in which we can ship hatching eggs and not have them sit over the weekend. Because of this, we are experiencing greatly increased wait times on all products.

We ask that if you have any expectations on shipping times or hatch rates on eggs you please call us before placing any orders and we can try to answer any questions you may have before ordering. Otherwise all orders are shipped in order of when they are placed starting with the oldest orders for any given product. Thank you for your understanding. 

 We specialize in rare and exotic breeds of poultry, non-GMO fed, pasture raised "Old World Pork" as well as raw wool and top quality breedstock. 

Idaho Pasture Pigs and Registered Berkshire Hogs


Our Idaho Pasture Pigs or IPP's for short, are quite possibly our favorite animals on the farm. We sell them as weaners, growers and as half and whole hogs. We raise registered Berkshire hogs for meat and as breed stock. The meat is known as Kurobuta pork.

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We breed and sell Ayam Cemani, Deathlayers, Liege Fighters, Barnevelders, Marans  (both Black Copper and Blue Copper varieties), Cream Legbars and Ameraucanas as well as their eggs, both for hatching and eating. Many of our chickens free range, and regularly greet us as we walk out our front door.

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Registered Finnsheep


We raise purebred registered Finnsheep, a very sturdy, multipurpose, old breed from Scandinavia. With the largest litters of any sheep, wool prized by hand spinners and unrivaled meat quality the Finnsheep are the epitome of what an old world sheep should be.

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We are a family run farm in North Idaho. We specialize in rare breeds of poultry, Idaho Pasture Pigs and Finnsheep. We sell pastured pork, eggs, and lamb. As an NPIP certified farm, we also ship chicks and hatching eggs. We are obsessive about quality and preserving the breeds of old that will almost always lose out to the mass production model of today, but almost always win when it comes to quality.