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Due to unprecedented order volume we are currently only taking orders for hatching eggs. We are not taking orders for chicks or started birds as we are just too backed up. Even orders for hatching eggs are weeks, and in some cases months out depending on breed. Feel free to contact us with any questions on shipping time prior to ordering.

The minimum order for chicks to be shipped is currently 8 chicks, (on farm pickup has no minimum) this can be a combination of any breeds available.


The Westfalische Totleger, better known as the Deathlayer, is an very old and very rare German breed. While there is some debate on how they got the coolest name in the chicken world the most common explanation seems to be based on their egg production. They were said to lay an egg a day until the day they died. While this may be a bit of a stretch they are very good layers of medium white eggs. They are wonderful in a pasture environment as they forage very well. Their rose combs aid in their cold hardy nature. As with all our breeds we go to great lengths to assure we have the highest quality birds available, 100% of our flock came directly from Greenfire Farms the original importer. This extremely rare, shockingly beautiful, ancient German breed has flirted with extinction for some time. We are proud to be able to offer this amazing bird to those looking to help bring it back from the brink.  



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