Idaho Pasture Pigs

Our IPP's were hand selected directly from the breed developers in Rigby Idaho. In fact, when their situation forced them to move on from farming they contacted us and asked us to take over their breeding program. Our Idaho Pasture Pigs (Ipp's) are friendlier than domestic pigs. They are a true representation of what pork was before the push for ultra lean, (read flavorless) modern pork. Their meat is a deeper red, well marbled and quite simply the best pork we have ever come across. It's so good intact for the most part we have replaced our Berkshires with IPP's even thought the Berks were slightly faster growing with larger litters. The sows have better dispositions at farrowing time. The boars are gentle to handle. The piglets crawl into our laps instead of being so flighty, like other domestic pigs. Ipp's can take a little longer to reach butcher weight then traditional hogs, but do not get as big at maturity. The breed is one that does exceptionally well in a pasture or woodlot environment. They are excellent grazers and foragers, and will choose to take in a very large proportion of their feed needs from the land if given the option. Ipp's are by design fattier, rounder and have short, upturned snouts. 

Registered Berkshires

We breed and sell a small number of registered Berkshire hogs. The Berkshire is a heritage breed tracing its roots back over 350 years to Berkshire England, it is one of the oldest identifiable breed of pigs. Known as Kurobuta in Japan, this breed is world renowed for the quality of its meat. What do the Japanese consumers already know about Berkshire quality that American consumers are just rediscovering? In a word, taste. Berkshires marble well so the meat is naturally juicy and flavorful with exceptional texture. 

Update: After years with this breed we have largely phased them out in favor of the Idaho Pasture Pig. While we loved the Berkshire the IPP simply beat it out in every category save growth rate. We still have our favorite Berkshire sow which we keep in order to have some pork for customers looking for a slightly leaner but still high quality pork (and because she loves John so much he couldn't sell her).


Not Our PIGS

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We raise two breeds of pigs, and sell them as halves, wholes and as piglets for growers and breeders. The Heritage Berkshire world renowned for their meat quality. Known as Kurobuta Pork, it is generaly recognized as some of finest pork in the world and is prized by chefs in many of the worlds' top restaurants .

We also raise Idaho Pasture Pigs, a breed developed right here in Idaho. We spent a great deal of time with the breed developers at there farm and hand selected all of our original breed stock directly from them. As the name suggests, this breed was intended to be raised outside in the pastures and woodlots of our beautiful state. While they take slightly longer to reach market weight, they do so by eating far more natural forage than conventional and even heritage breeds will. And the meat from these hogs is simply amazing! We were originally skeptical on if they could rival the Berkshire in meat quality but they actually raise the bar! We have never found it's equal. Full of flavor and juices.

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