live chick guarantee: We know there can be some fear in buying shipped chicks, so we offer our live chick guarantee. we guarantee you will receive the number of chicks you ordered and they will be alive 48 hrs after their arrival. if you have fewer chicks then you order We will refund the purchase price of any chicks that die. We must receive notification of any loss along with pictures within 48 hours of their arrival in order to receive any refund. we often include extra chicks for free, we do not replace extra free birds.

With the cooler weather The minimum order for chicks to be shipped is 8  chicks, (on farm pickup has no minimum) this can be a combination of any breeds available and will have a total shipping cost of $45 (we ship chicks USPS Priority Express as it gives the chicks the best chance of arriving healthy and strong) We strongly recommend adding a heat pack during the cooler months

We are an NPIP Certified farm inspected by the state of Idaho, our birds are tested for Avian Influenza as well as Salmonella Pullorum/Typhoid and clean. Through rigorous culling and careful introduction of new genetics, we strive to produce the healthiest, most hearty birds while maintaining good breed standards. We breed and hatch for quality not quantity Attn: Sorry but we are currently not shipping to HI Or internationally

We breed and sell numerous Exotic and Ultra exotic breeds of chickens as well as their eggs, both for hatching and  eating. We are currently breeding Black Copper Marans, Blue Copper Marans, Ameraucanas,  Cream Legbars, Deathlayers, Liege Fighters, Barnevelders and the amazing Ayam Cemani. Our chickens free range, and regularly greet us as we walk out our front door.  Member APA

Ayam Cemani

Quite possibly the most unique and striking bird in the world. Know as the "Lamborghini of Poultry" this bird is prized for its completely black color, inside and out. If Darth Vader had a chicken this would be it! Learn more > 

A beautiful, ultra rare German breed recently brought back from the brink of extinction. Learn more > 

A true gentle giant of a bird. The Liege Fighter was developed in 19th century Belgium in attempts to create the ultimate fighting bird. We have found them to be very gentle towards people and other chickens however quite aggressive in defending the flock from avian predators.Learn more > 

Black Copper MArans

Bred to the French standard. We have been breeding and improving our line of Marans (Both Black Copper and  Blue) for over 4 years now. Know for laying the darkest brown egg of any chicken in the world they are also prized my many of the worlds top chefs for exceptional flavor. (James Bond would eat no other egg) Learn more > 

Blue Copper MArans

The same bird as its Black Copper brethren but with a gene that turns the black feathers a beautiful grey/blue color. Learn more > 

Crested Cream Legbars

A British auto sexing breed that lays a large number of beautiful blue to green colored eggs! This beautiful bird is a real game changer for the small farm that wants to hatch out their own birds as males and females can be easily determined on day one. All of our flock was sourced directly from Greenfire Farm's Jill Rees line, they are the first and only legal importer of the breed. Learn more > 


Ameraucana are known for laying beautiful blue (not green) colored eggs.  These are not Easter Eggers, the vast majority of people who think they own Ameraucanas or Araucanas own Easter Eggers.Learn more > 

72 hour Heat Pack for shipping

These are strongly recommended as an add on purchase for birds being shipped in the cooler months (Oct-March)

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