Ayam Cemani

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The minimum order for chicks to be shipped is currently 8 chicks, (on farm pickup has no minimum) this can be a combination of any breeds available.

Ayam Cemani

Taking black to a whole new level! The Indonesian Ayam Cemani is the crown jewel of any poultry enthusiast lucky enough to own one. Our flock has a gentile disposition that belies it's ultra exotic appearance. Our breeding flock of Ayam Cemani are completely black, black combs, waddles, right down to the toenails. We have been breeding Ayam Cemani for years now and while we have produced birds that have won champion ribbons at the State Fair we are constantly working to improve our flock. We have spent thousands of dollars purchasing stock directly from Greenfire Farms in order to be able to select only the best of the best for our breeding program. We continue to manage our flock to assure top quality and more championship ribbons for years to come!




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