We raise two breeds of pigs, and sell them as halves and wholes.

The Heritage Berkshire world renowned for their meat quality. Known as Kurobuta Pork, it is generaly recognized as some of the finest pork in the world and is prized by chefs in many of the worlds' top restaurants .

We also raise Idaho Pasture Pigs, a breed developed right here in Idaho. As the name suggests, this breed was intended to be raised outside in the pastures and woodlots of our beautiful state. While they take slightly longer to reach market weight, than conventional and even heritage breeds will the result is more then worth the weight. The meat from these hogs is simply amazing! We have never found it's equal, deep red color amazing marbling and full of flavor and juices. When we talk about "old world" pork this is what we mean. Its not your fathers pork it your great great grandfathers.

How It Works?

You can place a deposit for your half or whole right through the website. This is what locks in your place in line and gets the ball rolling. We then contact you and go over any questions you may have (there is no rush in this we are here to answer any and all questions you may have. At this point we can also give you an idea on timing of your order , (it is usually just a matter of lining up a butcher for your pig and they are often a few weeks out, for half orders we just have to pair you up with another order as well). We then schedule a date for a mobile butcher to come to the farm and do an on site harvest of your pig. We generally fill out the cut sheet with the customer the first time and do this just before the butcher come to the your pig. Once the butcher comes we contact you with your hanging weight and let you know the renaming balance to the farm. Generally 1-2 weeks after the harvest the butcher will contact you letting you know your balance with them and that your pork is ready. The pork is picked up at the butcher where you pay them for their fee and you are set with some of the finest pork anywhere in the world!