Registered Finnsheep

Or sheep are purebred registered Finnsheep, a very sturdy, multipurpose old breed from Scandinavia. They are most known for their unmatched ability to produce litters of lambs. They are capable of large litters year round, making them a perfect sheep for the small scale flock or homesteader. We give our sheep plenty of room to roam. We believe nature knows best and as a result our sheep's diet is just as it would be in a natural wild setting. If they want to browse, they go to the brush or woodlots; if they want to graze, you will find them in the pasture.

Here you will find an introduction to our flock of registered Finnsheep including prices for any lambs available for purchase. We also occasionaly have "locker lambs" available for $150 plus cut and wrap.

Currently we have no "locker lambs" available.

Rohan DOB-3/29/2014

Wonderfull registered ram. Black fleece, tight crimp,great overall conformation. He was a twin but was out of two Quads and as it was the ewes first lambing twins were not disapointing. He has a great disposition and is great with kids. Unfortunatly he is not for sale at this time.

Mika DOB-3/23/2014

Our little darling. The most wonderfuly friendly sheep we have ever come across. beautiful white with brown markings.

Sharon DOB-4/6/2014

Beautiful black and white piebald.

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