taking limited orders for fall 2021 planting

the aristocrat of the onion family!

in keeping with our farming principles, while we are not certified organic, We grow our shallots using no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. We select the best every year to replant and sell as our seed shallots. We only sell a small amount of shallots every season. If for any reason you are unhappy with your shallot purchase we will happily refund your purchase provided you return your purchase unplanted. we start shipping late summer and fall, in time for fall planting.

We currently don't ship to Hawaii and certain counties in Idaho and Washington as they have state regulations restricting shipments of shallots and other Allium such as onions. Please check you local regulations for restrictions prior to ordering.

French Grery

The most sought after and prized shallot by top chefs worldwide! Unmatched complex and mild flavor consider one of the only "true" shallots as they are only grown from bulbs. Small teardrop shaped bulbs are incredibly prolific. Our 2021 crop averaged well over 10 bulbs from each one planted with our greatest multiplier producing 28 bulbs from a single bulb!


  • 0.5 lb
  • Currently Unavailable

Dutch Red

Larger cloves than the French grey the Dutch Red can be a little easier to cook with since peeling a few larger cloves can be faster than many smaller ones. Great flavor and an easy grower!


  • 0.5 lb
  • Limited Availability
  • Shipping in 4+ Weeks please call before ordering with any questions1

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