About US

We are a family run farm located up on the mountain top near Coeur d'Alene Idaho. We raise and sell Idaho Pasture Pigs and Berkshire pigs for breedstock and pork. We raise a variety of rare breeds of chickens for eggs and chick sales. We also raise lambs from our small flock of registered Finnsheep. Our pigs and chickens are fed a Non-GMO corn and soy free, locally milled feed to supplement what they get off the land. We treat our land and animals with care and respect and always strive for the highest quality not the largest quantity product.

We are blessed to live on our farm and wake up to the sound of our crowing rooster everyday. High up on the mountain near Coeur d'Alene we look out over the lake and mountains that make this part of the world so special. Our higher elevation and southern exposure grant us more sunny days and more sun on those days, we think our animals appreciate that!


  • pastured pork
  • pastured eggs
  • lamb
  • chicks
  • pullets
  • piglets
  • finnsheep
  • Idaho Pasture Pigs
  • registered Berkshire pigs
  • breedstock